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Float Therapy FAQ's

Why would I want to float?

The primary reasons people float are to reduce chronic anxiety, heighten cognitive function and relieve pain. Some people float to escape the bustle of life and relax for a few hours, while others use floating as a therapy for anxiety and stress . Floating is also used to increase creativity, attention and retention, as well as explore thoughts and emotions in a semi-conscious or meditative state. Others float to help manage and reduce pain as a supplement or replacement for pain medication and physical therapy.

Who can use the Float pod?

Everyone!  The use of float tanks is not limited to any particular demographic. The young and the old, men and women and people of all lifestyles enjoy flotation tanks. People who have a need for managing stress, increasing creativity or reducing pain find float tanks therapeutic.

Are there restrictions on who should NOT float?

Float tanks are NOT medically recommended for some people. Anyone with one or more of the following conditions should not use float tanks: uncontrolled epilepsy, drug or alcohol intoxication, infectious disease, kidney disease (without doctor permission), open wounds and serious conditions that require heavy sedating medication.  Also, if you have had Spray tanning and/or certain Color treatments (specifically Reds and Blacks) in the last 5 days.  As long as your hair color is not bleeding onto towels, you will be permitted to float.

Will I be able to Drown?  What if I'm not a good Swimmer?

While it is possible to drown in any pool of liquid, float tanks are much safer than most other bodies of water because they contain a high concentration of salt. It is impossible to sink in a float tank, and you must exert a conscious effort to turn onto your side or attempt floating face-down. Many people safely sleep while they are floating.

What do I wear to float?

We do not allow clothing in the float pod unless there is a situation where you will be assisting a person with special needs while they are floating.  Detergents will upset the balance of the water.  If you have received clearance to wear bathing suits, they must be washed in vinegar with no detergent before you are allowed in.  

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you bring any grooming products you may want post-float (hairbrush, product, cosmetics etc). We will provide all other amenities you need: towels, shower products, earplugs, petroleum jelly for scrapes, etc. 

What happens when I get to the Spa?

1. You will be greeted and given your liability waiver to sign if not previously submitted online.  2.  You will be guided to the restroom if needed.  3. You will be acclimated to the pod and given step-by-step instructions of what to do from there. 



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