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Add-On Services, Waxing, Lashes


Mini Facial - $35   Cleansing by hand, exfoliation, toner applied and massage with moisturizer.  Treatment duration 20 minutes.

Moisture Hand and Foot treatment $35    The hands and feet are first exfoliated, then a serum is applied and warming mitts and booties cover the hands and feet.  If done during a treatment, the mitts and booties are removed during the masking stage and a moisturizer is massaged into the skin. Treatment duration 20-25 minutes.

Craniosacral Sinus Release - $55     The scalp, face and neck are massaged and the sinus points are worked to help ease muscles, clear sinus blockages and increase lymphatic drainage.  This is a great lunchtime fix for a tension headache.



*The hair can be no more OR no less than a ¼ of an inch in length

*Waxing is not advised during your monthly cycle or while pregnant (unless cleared by doctor)


Arch - $25 Half leg - $50 Bikini Basic - $40
Underarms - $40 Full leg - $75 Brazilian - $50
Back - $90 Chin - $15 Arms - $50
Lip - $15 Cheek - $25 Full Brazilian - $75 and up



Lash tint - $25          Brow tint - $20          Both - $45






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